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Our knowledge, cutting-edge therapies, and top-quality products, tailored to support your body's “healthy terrain”

or its natural ability to heal and restore health.  

Reach out with questions or a free 15 minute consultation.

More than treating symptoms, we offer

a holistic approach to Wellness.


The human body needs a “healthy terrain." Disease develops when the internal terrain is compromised, it can’t defend against pathogens or heal injuries, efficiently. Leading to a weakened immune system making the body more

susceptible to infections, chronic inflammation, and autoimmune disorders.

Our services are designed to complement traditional treatments and provide the tools and techniques you need to achieve optimal health and well-being.  Whether you're looking to manage a chronic condition, recover from an injury, manage inflammation and pain, or improve your immune system.  


We are passionate about improving health in our community, serving

Greensboro, the Piedmont Triad and all of North Carolina.


Light Therapy

Supporting your overall health and healing with light treatments that target the immune system, lymphatic system, nervous system namely neuropathy, pain management and has been proven successful in addresses other specific conditions like Lyme Disease.



Bodywork includes therapeutic massage, block therapy, and other myofascial release techniques. Massage therapy helps to release tension in the fascia by applying pressure to specific points helping to improve blood and oxygen flow, promoting healing.


Advanced Supplements

We offer a range of advanced supplements designed to support the body's natural ability to heal and optimize overall wellness and energy.  Supplements that address specific conditions like the mitigation of parasites, cleanses, support the function of the nervous system, boost your immune system, and help in maintaining a healthier, vibrant life.


Wellness and Healthy Lifestyle 

In addition to our cutting-edge supplements and therapies, we also have products that improve the quality of your indoor environment and support a healthy lifestyle.  Indoor air and water purifiers insure a clean and healthy environment in your home or workplace.

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