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Zentox Photox Air purifier PCO technology

Medical Grade Air Purifier

Refreshingly clean air in spaces up to 1,200 square feet

Experience the bliss of truly pure air with the Zentox Pure Air 200. Zentox Pure Air destroys viruses, allergens, bacteria, mold & VOCs through its proprietary Photocatalytic Oxidation technology without creating hazardous waste.

Zentox Pure Air systems have numerous applications. They are ideal for hospitals, nursing homes, nurseries, doctor’s offices, hospital waiting rooms, and now in your own home. In fact, Zentox Pure Air systems are advantageous anywhere in your environment where pure, clean air is critical or simply desired. They are effective at removing airborne allergens and viruses, making closed air systems safe for everyone. 

Zentox Photox Air purifier PCO technology

Sanitize your air!

Zentox Pure Air effectively destroys viruses, reduces airborne microorganisms and indoor air pollutants. The process, known as Photocatalytic Oxidation (PCO), renders live airborne substances inactive and, therefore, harmless without creating any hazardous waste.

How it Works - Not a Filter 

A fan delivers air through a fibrous glass media coated with a catalyst comprised of titanium dioxide and a proprietary blend of novel catalyst reaction materials.

Zentox Photox Air purifier PCO technology
Zentox Photox Air purifier PCO technology

Pathogens Destroyed 

The catalyst is activated by a UV light source.  Photons reacting with the catalyst destroys pathogens. A proven technology, no ozone, no harmful byproducts. 

Odors and Harmful VOCs

Airborne organic pathogens. odors, micro bacteria, mold, mildew and other airborne substances are oxidized on the catalytic surface.

Zentox Photox Air purifier PCO technology
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