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Lymeplex Plus Pro

This complex and fortifying formula is designed for the symptoms associated with Lyme Disease and promotes

a positive inflammatory response.

LymeplexPLUS® Products are designed to fortify a compromised immune system. Our customers report:​

  • Mind fog clears.

  • Energy increases.

  • Better quality of sleep.

  • Overall feelings of wellness.

  • Colds / Viruses don’t “hit them” as hard.

  • Significant reduction in joint pain.

  • A positive inflammatory response.

  • Reduction of fever, chills, and dizziness.

LymePlex Plus for inflamation and Lyme Disease support

Advanced Supplements

Pure Encapsulations Full line of supplements

The Healing Space offers advanced supplement and nutraceutical brands, meticulously selected by our team,

that have been formulated to support and optimize the

body's functions. We personally vet each product 

before recommending them to our clients. 

Our goal is to empower you to take an active role in your health journey, providing you with the tools, guidance, and support you need to unlock your body's true healing potential.

Detox, Cleanse and Parasites

The body has its own natural detoxification systems, primarily involving the liver, kidneys, lungs, skin, and digestive system.

Our approach: scan the body’s immune system to identify the current issues revealing potentially harmful bacteria and parasites. Then we discuss a protocol typically including light treatments and supplements that are effective in helping body's natural detoxification process in eliminating toxins.

Parasitic infections can be asymptomatic or cause mild, nonspecific symptoms. In other cases, the symptoms can become more severe, especially if not addressed.  

Cellcore full line of supplements

Gemmotherapy - Plant Stem Cells

Nature Provides GemmoTherapy Plant Stem Cells

Plant Stem Cells from Nature Provides.

Reclaiming YOUR HEALTH through nature.

Detoxification, Nurishment, Rejuvenation, Immune System

support with Gemmotherapy Tinctures.

Clients are saying: helps decrease anxiety, resolve upper

respiratory infections and migraine headaches, increase

energy and athletic performance, improves vision and

sleep, facilitates stronger bone growth, reduce stress,

achieve healthier skin, and enhances the immune system.

Troscriptions: Tro Calm, Tro Blue and Tro Just Blue

DON’T Swallow TROCHE Instead!

When you swallow your supplements, they are digested in the stomach and small intestine, absorbed through the lining of the gut, and then pass through the liver in a process called first pass metabolism. ⁠

Takes a while, at least 30 minutes but can be delayed up to 2 hours.

Buccal troches, in contrast, directly infuse the ingredients of the troche into your bloodstream via the cheek mucosa. This bypassing of first pass metabolism means that you’ll have a reliable onset of action of 15 to 30 minutes and none of the troche ingredients will lose their potency.

Plus, as an added bonus, troche ingredients have a quick path to the brain given its close proximity. 


This is essential for dosing and titration. Often the mantra with any supplement or medication is to start slow and titrate up and until

you reach your optimal dose. This is the case with troches as well.


Carbon 60

C60 works at the cellular level as a free-radical sponge helping to optimize mitochondrial function by enhancing energy production in the cells - promoting a balanced immune response, a positive inflammatory response and has been shown to

have unparalleled physical and chemical properties.

Three scientists who ultimately discovered C60 in 1985,

Robert Curl, Harold Kroto, and Richard Smalley, were

awarded the Nobel Prize for chemistry in 1996.

Carbon 60

Our supplements and wellness products support the

body's ability to heal itself and assist with addressing 

symptoms associated with conditions such as Lyme Disease,

Neuropathy or a compromised immune system.

Contact us to learn more about our products and

how they they have been shown to help in overall wellness. 

Energy Production 
Muscle Function 
Healthy Aging 
Memory and Mood
Immune Support 
Detoxes and Cleanses

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