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Lymphatic Enhancement Therapy® Opportunity

The Healing Space is participating in an advanced lymphatic therapy course.  We have two slots available for clients to participate.  There will be 10 sessions, over 6 to 8 weeks, beginning the week after Thanksgiving.  (Flexible schedule around the Holidays)


This is a great opportunity to experience the benefits of lymphatic therapy at a much reduced cost.  Our state-of-the-art Lymphatic Enhancement Therapy treatments are specifically designed to help the lymphatic system in the body rid itself of toxins, edema, and impurities, thereby improving health and boosting the immune system. (Edema is swelling caused by too much fluid trapped in the body's tissues.)  Feel free to share with anyone that you think would be interested.  Call or text to learn more or to register.  336 210 2078  

More on the Benefits of Lymphatic Therapy 

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