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Healing Space for wellness treatments, supplements lymphatic drainage, lyme disease and neuropathy support

A Healthy Life
is within reach

- Your Wellness Team

Wellness coaching, treatments

and advanced supplements.

Boost your immune system.

Improved energy and sleep.

Pain relief bodywork.

Rebuild, cleanse and detox.

Give your body what it needs 

to live a healthy, vibrant life. 

Reaching Wellness

Our goal for each of our clients is to feel better.

Lymphatic Clinic: We specialize in enhanced lymphatic treatments using state-of-the-art technology for edema and lymphedema. 


Light treatments for a variety of conditions including neuropathy and parasite detox.


Experienced practitioners in addressing the coinfections of Lyme Disease.

Drug free approach to pain management with myofascial release therapeutic massage.

We are passionate about improving health in our community, serving Greensboro, NC, the

wider Triad and all of North Carolina.

chakras alternative Health wellness center healing space greensboro nc

Our Team Specializes In

Light Therapy

and Bodywork



Plant Stem Cells




Your Wellness


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Yoga healthy woman healing wellness center
Better Health  is  on  the path of
Self Love. Begin Your Journey Today
After chemo I had peripheral neuropathy, pain and tingling in my hands and feet.  Light therapy "moved the needle."  Much improved after 3 sessions.  I am pleased with the treatments.  The Healing Space took good care of me.

- David P

My FScan showed five stages of a lower intestine parasite.  I thought I had long covid with fatigue for months.  I did a series of light treatments and a recommended cleanse with remarkable results.

- Marie B

I am a programmer and experience hand pain and extreme stiffness from arthritis by the end of each week.  Amazed that one light treatment took away the pain and the stiffness was gone within an hour.

- David H

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