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Harness the Science of Nutrigenomics

Updated: May 30, 2023

PureGenomics® harnesses the science of nutrigenomics to empower individuals to uncover the relationship between their genes, nutrition, and wellness. Our personalized genetic tools translate genomic data into practical lifestyle and nutritional recommendations that are rooted in science and medical research and geared toward helping achieve optimal health and wellness.

The Science of Nutrition, Personalized

More than ever, science is helping us understand every aspect of our health—right down to our DNA. With PureGenomics®, that knowledge is our blueprint for creating a wellness plan that is tailored to patients and grounded in DNA-based nutrition advice.

PureGenomics® is our complimentary nutrigenomics service, which empowers clients of The Healing Space make informed lifestyle and supplement recommendations tailored to their unique wellness needs and goals.

How Does It Work Using genetic data from patients’ 23andMe® or Ancestry® profiles, PureGenomics identifies common, clinically relevant genetic variations, and their associated trait categories and generates simple, reliable reports, that offer actionable nutrition and lifestyle recommendations for patients’ optimal health.

Get the science of nutrigenomics simplified, with:

  • Comprehensive genetic reports

  • Actionable nutrition and lifestyle insights rooted in science

  • Personalized recommendations based on genetic profiles for research-backed supplements

  • Ongoing support, education and resources

Our Promise to You

With PureGenomics®, you're in good hands. We are purpose-driven, and that means that we focus purely on nutrition that is based on scientific research and clinical results. We don't rely on trends or gimmicks, instead we offer science simplified. At PureGenomics®, we distill genetic data into simple reports that enable you to make informed lifestyle and nutritional recommendations that are customized to your patients' unique genetic profiles and wellness goals. PureGenomics® will not sell, share, or rent a patient's 23andMe® or Ancestry® data files to third-parties. Read more about our Privacy Policy. Furthermore, genetic testing companies like 23andMe® and Ancestry® cannot share data with personal information attached, including name or address. Additionally, for any data to be utilized for research, individuals would need to opt in.

Don’t have genetic data?

Order any DNA test kit from 23andMe® and Ancestry®. All kits from these services are compatible with PureGenomics®. The most basic kit typically is a one-time cost for under $100.

Reach out to learn more. The Healing Space

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